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31 08 2010

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project 365

3 01 2010

i’m taking up a new endeavor in 2010 called project 365. the goal is to document my life in pictures for one year and posting them online. i’m looking forward to the challenge and to honing my photography skills. visit often because there will be a new picture each day…shootin thru life


20 10 2009

i’m getting ready to move the first week of december so i’ve started the packing process by purging my closets. since i didn’t have any boxes over the weekend, i decide to tackle the closets. how in the world did i get so many clothes and so much junk? the sad part is that i just moved less than 2 years ago. in this process i found myself longing for a simpler existence. do i need all this stuff? are there better ways to invest my money? what might god be doing in me to bring about this simpler life? i’m not sure i know the answers to these questions yet but i’ll be listening to the father talk to me through this process.

new photo video

17 10 2009


15 10 2009

in the Hopi language, the word koyaanisqatsi means ‘crazy life, life out of balance, a state of life that calls for another way of living.

life is feeling a little out of balance these days. sometimes it’s difficult to figure out how life gets to this state but at this point i know exactly how i got here. lots of late nights, emotionally charged visit with extended family, lots of work, airport delays. all of these factors contribute to life feeling a little crazy right now. i’m thankful the weekend is coming so i have some time to get back in balance. i’m asking god to speak to me and show me how to bring some balance back. not sure i can go another week like this.

what do you do to bring a little balance back to your life?